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    Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install

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    Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install Empty Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install

    Post by SpecialBoy on Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:59 pm

    Ok, So it appears that some people have found it difficult to find and install Teamspeak 3. So here is a tutorial for you!

    First Go to

    And you will see this:
    Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install Tutqj
    Woaa thats alot of stuff. So what you need to do is find out what operating system you use. If you do not know what operating system you use there is an easy way to find out.

    Windows Computers:
    On the Desktop, locate the icon labeled "My Computer."
    Point the mouse at the icon, then click the right mouse button.
    In the popup menu which appears, choose "Properties."
    After a few seconds, the System Control Panel will open.
    Click the tab labeled "General."
    The version of Windows you have installed will be clearly displayed.

    Macintosh Computers:
    Click the “Apple” menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
    Choose "About this computer...." or "About this Mac" from the menu that appears.
    A window will appear which clearly indicates the version of the Mac OS you have installed.

    Then if you have windows click the
    Client 32-Bit installer if you have 32bit. or
    Client 64-Bit installer if you have 64bit.
    Then click the download button.

    If you have a mac,
    Just download the Client 3.0.1 Smile
    Then click I accept, and continue
    Now to install it

    Open it. Click Run, wait while it initialises
    Click I agree, Next > then pick where you want it to be installed and your done!

    Now you can open teamspeak and join our server!!
    To do this you want to, Up on the top left, click connect:

    Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install Connectc
    And then type in this IP:
    Note: there is no password Smile

    Teamspeak 3. How to Download & Install Connectq


    If you have any issues ask Specialboy via private message.

    If you liked this tutorial please leave a comment Smile

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