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    Nice Recruiting!

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    Nice Recruiting! Empty Nice Recruiting!

    Post by SpecialBoy on Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:36 pm

    Oh my. Am I happy to write this post Smile Intersect you beast, Yesterday I saw something amazing! I was just chilling on the Con server when I saw someone in the chat, and it was intersect and you will never guess what he said! well you don't have to. here it is!:
    Nice Recruiting! Recruitfull

    That! Right there is great! Someone other than me and pimpstick recruiting for CoN, although I had to add the website Shocked that is a job well done, I can't expect you to remember it yet its new Very Happy
    I hope that we can see more of this happening in the future from more members in more games! Smile
    Great job intersect.
    This is biggg news for intersect by the way. I would like it if you where to upgrade from your shitty trial -con| tags to the FULL member tags!
    Goodjob man, you earned it well and I think you will do Con proud.
    I know it was a long wait, and we still want you to talk on teamspeak Twisted Evil but you have impressed me by recruiting goodjob, I am proud to say!!!

    Nice Recruiting! Welcomenh

    So to all you con members you can learn from this! RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT!! Razz

    Enjoy Smile


    [-CoN] Leader

    ps. I am not evil >:] Cool

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