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    Apply now. Empty Apply now.

    Post by Admin on Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:18 am

    Clan of Noobs is now recruiting. Wanting to apply?
    Go Here and make a new topic including this information:

    Real name:
    In game name:
    Active: Yes/No
    Mic/Team speak?: Yes/No

    We have no Age limit, and acceptance is based mostly on how active you are and maturity level for your age.

    Your rank and KDR give us a great idea on your skill level for how long you have been playing for.

    Every application is viewed by Admin, and atleast one other moderator.

    we will message you back via PM to let you know if we are considering recruiting you or if your application will be ignored.

    you will be friend requested in bfbc2 by pimpstick400 Accept him if you wish to join [-CoN]

    We use team speak, ask SpecialBoy or pimpstick400 for teamspeak info.

    Apply now, and thank you.

    Clan of Noobs. [-CoN]


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